5 Reasons Retinol Is Breaking Skincare News

5 Reasons Retinol Is Breaking Skincare News

Everyone has heard about it. But how do you know Retinol isn’t just the latest greatest trend? Before you get lost in the science of acids, derivatives, formulations, and combinations, let us help you out. After-all, getting lost in the science of skin care is something only those with PhDs should do (trust us, we spent years doing it). And while our skin is a complex multifaceted organ, taking care of it doesn't have to be. If you feel overwhelmed with all the shoulds and should nots, science and scientists agree, you will always get the most bang for your buck with Retinol. Why? We’re so glad you asked.


1 - It is Strong Enough To Work Alone

Stop making your skin look like your 7th grade science experiment. Tinkering with various acids, creams, and treatments is no way to treat aging skin. But, how many steps does your skin care regimen have to take to be effective? With Retinol, not many. Retinol alone answers the bill for what most people are looking for. Hydration, firmness, plumpness, anti-aging, skin clearing, and the list keeps on going. The point is, If you are confused on what you should be using besides your daily moisturizer, especially if you are worried about aging skin, Retinol is on the list of musts.

2 - You don't need a prescription

No more waiting months to get into the dermatologist only to have 30 seconds with a doctor who you feel like hardly even glanced at you let alone your skin. While a doctor can write you a prescription for a retinoid that may seem more “powerful” than one you could buy on your own, it will most likely be extremely irritating. What is more important in a retinol is how it is formulated and if it will work well enough with your skin to be able to become a (non-irritating) part of your skin care.

3 - It is the best exfoliator out there

I think we all know we need exfoliation, but the older you are the harder it is to exfoliate effectively and in a way that your skin can tolerate. Gone are the days of rubbing your teenage skin with sandy scrubs to scratch away at all the imperfections. Not only does it irritate your face but it does nothing to help budding wrinkles and sagging skin. Retinol requires no scrubbing and works on its own to reveal the glow, radiance, and firmness you haven’t seen in years.

4 - It Improves Skin Texture and Tone

This ties in with the exfoliating properties of Retinol. Tightening and reducing pores are applauded by all but it also helps take care of sunspots, blotchy skin, and areas that are prone to acne. An even better bonus? Overtime it will even take care of dark marks left by old pimples.

5 - It Is Scientifically Proven

Retinol is famous for actually promoting cell renewal. While most products just use “anti-aging” as way to sell something that really has little to no proven results, Retinol is respected across the board. A vitamin “A” derivative, Retinol works on a cellular level. This means the results will not be overnight like other surface plumpers and fillers, but within a couple months the results will be real and importantly, lasting.

It only gets better from here ladies.

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