Are Facials Really Worth it? What Are Their Benefits?

Are Facials Really Worth it? What Are Their Benefits?

If you’ve been on the fence about investing in regular facials then we hope this article will help you out.

Ultimately, a healthy at home skin care ritual with the right products, is key to enjoying healthy skin in the long-term; you can’t have no skin care routine then expect a facial every now and then to provide dramatic results.

It’s the same as eating fast foods every day and then expecting one weekly green juice to keep you healthy, it simply doesn’t work that way.

Consistency and the right products are key, but a regular facial ritual certainly has its perks!

Here’s just 3 reasons you may consider heading to the salon for a facial once or twice a month.


You’ll learn things you may not have known about your skin

If we asked you what your skin type is, would you know the answer?

Often, when our skin is dry, we automatically assume our skin type is dry, without taking outside factors into consideration such as the weather or our diet.

If  you’re stressed and struggling with breakouts then you may say your skin is oily, when hormones and other things may be to blame.

The problem with not knowing your true skin type is that you then may use incorrect products which will simply compound your issues.

A qualified skin therapist will help to directly diagnose your skin type and help to recommend the type of products that will actually make a difference.

You may also learn little tips and tricks that you can take home and continue on your own.


You’ll enjoy a true deep cleanse

Nothing provides quite as deep a cleanse as a deep cleansing facial with all the extras!

We’re talking steam, blackhead extraction, stimulating massage, a face mask, you name it!

Not many of us have time for a full 30-60 minute skin care ritual at home every day, but a facial will help to provide a powerful cleanse that will leave your skin feeling better than ever! 


You’ll enjoy some pure pamper time

Last, but absolutely not least, if you’re craving some “me-time” then you can’t go wrong with an hour long facial!

It’s so incredibly relaxing to have someone place warm cloths over your face and that massage at the end is pure bliss!

You’ll soon come to look at your facial as a necessary part of your self-nurturing routine, make sure you’re heading home after to a hot bath and a glass of the good stuff! 

While facials are not absolutely necessary for healthy skin, they certainly don’t hurt.

And remember, when you’re relaxed, your skin will be a lot healthier and happier too, so maybe that’s all the motivation you need!


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