Beauty is individual. Beauty is powerful. Beauty is YOU. 

At Esela we embody individual beauty. Our goal is to enhance your natural beauty through skincare so on "that kind of day" you can feel confident enough to walk around fresh faced and without any makeup on.

Let's face it, at some point in your life you have probably wanted to look like someone else. Straighter hair, smaller nose, nicer car, better clothes, etc. And that desire isn't wrong, sometimes comparison can push us to be better or try new things. But in terms of natural beauty, it's a lot harder (and more expensive) to change what you're born with rather than what's hanging in your closet. So instead, focus on you. Focus on who you are and how you can learn to love and embrace yourself, if you haven't already of course. Real beauty is exhibited by the uniqueness and confidence of the individual. If you feel good on the inside, you KNOW you look good on the outside.

So forget the full coverage for a day. Maybe put down the blow-dryer and embrace the imperfections. Whatever you choose to do, allow your true beauty to shine from within. There's never going to be another you on this planet, so live it up and be YOU! 

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