4 Foods to Avoid for Healthy Skin

4 Foods to Avoid for Healthy Skin

We spend time focusing on our external skin care rituals without realizing that everything that is happening inside our body plays a major role as well.

Every single thing you eat or drink will impact your skin in either a negative or positive way.

If you don’t believe this then just notice how your skin looks after a night of heavy drinking or how those blemishes always seem to pop up after one too many donuts or other sugary confection.

In this article we will share four of the biggest food and drink triggers and explain just why they have such a negative impact.

So if you’ve ever wanted to know the link between food and your skin, then dig in to our latest read!



It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth, but studies actually prove that sugar can accelerate the aging process, who knew!

Sugar draws water out of the cells putting your skin at risk for dehydration, which any skin care lover knows is a big no-no for healthy, happy skin. Hydration is the key to youthful skin after all!

Sugar may also break down collagen, a structural protein essential for a taut, plump and youthful complexion.



You probably knew we were going to bring up caffeine and alcohol, but don’t panic!

Having a glass of the good stuff every now and again is completely fine and we aren’t going to be responsible for you quitting your morning cup of Joe!

Just be sure to drink water alongside every alcoholic drink you have and try and drink your coffee and alcohol in moderation.

Alcohol and caffeine is very drying on the skin and can increase your risk of fine lines and wrinkles, and sagging skin over time.


Processed Foods

We all love to grab a quick bite now and then, but if this is your daily routine then you may want to re-asses.

Not only are processed foods terrible for your skin, they increase your risk of disease too.

Boxed foods, fast foods and fatty, fried foods increase free radicals in your body which breaks down collagen, plays havoc with your hormones and subsequently your sebum (oil) levels (hello pimples!) and leaves your skin looking dull overall.

Limit, if not completely cut out, these terrible foods and purchase whole, fresh foods to create your own skin lovin’ recipes in your kitchen!


Red Meat

You may love a juicy steak on the regular, but your skin? Not so much…

Red meat causes internal inflammation, which again increases your risk of disease while also affecting your skin.

Inflammation can speed up the signs of aging, but also contribute to outer manifestations of inflammation, meaning blemishes and uneven skin tone, no thanks!

We hope this article has helped to highlight some of the foods that really affect your skin negatively and has helped you to understand why. We will be sharing another post in the near future talking about our top foods for beautiful skin so stay tuned and make sure you are subscribed!

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