How to Have Great-Looking Skin in Photos

How to Have Great-Looking Skin in Photos

As the holidays approach, you may have a photoshoot or two planned. Whether you’ll be taking family photos for an annual Christmas card or you want some fun holiday-themed portraits for your social media profiles, you’ll want the photos to come out looking great, right? 

Well, a key factor in the quality of a portrait is how your skin looks in the photograph. If this worries you because the cold, dry autumn air is preventing your skin from looking its best, keep reading for some tips that can help you achieve flawless-looking skin in your photos!

Tip #1 Skincare

One of the best things you can do to make sure your skin looks great in photos is to keep it healthy. 

Two of the most important skin care practices are cleansing and moisturizing. Always remove your makeup before bed, and wash your face gently but thoroughly. Follow with a moisturizer (obviously, we recommend Esela Daily Moisturizer). 

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Tip #2 Makeup

If your skin still isn’t flawless, don’t worry! 

Makeup, when applied correctly, can help conceal imperfections and give your skin a great glow. Be careful though: It’s easy to make makeup mistakes that will make your photos turn out worse rather than better! 

Some of our recommendations are:

  • Find a foundation that really matches your skin tone, and apply it with a brush or damp sponge
  • Apply concealer beneath your eyes and around your nostrils and blend well
  • Apply a translucent powder (especially over your T-Zone) right before your photoshoot
  • Avoid applying too much dark eyeliner. Instead, opt for a dark brown and apply a thin line as close to your lash line as possible
  • While products with SPF are usually great, avoid them when preparing for photos!

Tip #3 Lighting

Lighting is an important factor both before and during a photoshoot. 

Lighting comes into play even before the camera comes out because it makes a huge difference when you are applying makeup. It is important to use as much natural light as possible when applying your makeup so that you get the best result. Artificial lighting is often misleading and can cause you to end up looking great and the mirror and not so great once you step out into more natural light. 

Once you’re ready and in front of the camera, lighting is important to make sure your shots turn out looking great. The responsibility to ensure proper lighting will fall primarily on the photographer, but don’t hesitate to ask them about it or remind them to factor it in. And if you’re your own photographer, try playing around with the lighting and taking test shots until you get a look you like. 

These are our top three tips for loving the way your skin looks in photos. Try them out, and enjoy your beautiful complexion! 

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