Learn How To Read Skincare Labels Like a Pro

Learn How To Read Skincare Labels Like a Pro

It’s unfortunate, but did you know that those so-called pretty looking, big-name brand conventional skincare products littering your beauty cabinet are actually potentially harmful for you?

It may be hard to believe that a skincare company would present a product to the public that may put your health at risk, but this is exactly what’s happening.

We tend to fall for marketing claims without looking any further, but if you did some research and looked into what exactly those skincare labels are really trying to tell you, you may be quite let down. 

It’s not all bad news!

If you simply arm yourself with knowledge, you can be sure to make purchases that are safe for your skin and your health, our products are just one example of this!

But for now, let’s help you get started on your inner skincare guru quest by sharing some of our top tips for decoding those skincare labels like a pro! 

Start with the order of the ingredients

First things first.

The order that the ingredients are listed on the label show you what’s more concentrated versus more diluted. 

Ingredients are always listed in descending order with the highest concentrations being listed further up. 

So if the first ingredient is water followed by a whole lot of foreign sounding names, then you’re likely getting a diluted chemical concoction that’s not going to do much good for your skin or your health. 

Our top ingredients in our moisturizer are pure filtered water along with aloe for an antioxidant boost. It’s important to note that highly active ingredients are often listed further down simply because only small amounts are needed to be effective.

Less is more

Forget about needing to see a grocery list of ingredients in your moisturizer for it to be deemed a winner. The leading luxury brand uses well over 50 ingredients in their moisturizer alone, and many are actually chemicals. 

Here, at Esela, we stick to just 19 tried and tested ingredients that actually yield the type of results you are looking for.

So if your skin care label is never-ending, it may not be right for you. 

Check the expiration date

You know that number with an “M” next to it often on the lid or the bottom of your skincare product?

This shows you how long the product is good for. For example, “6M” means the product is good for 6 months. 

It’s important to pay attention to this number, because while many conventional products can sit on the shelf for years due to nasty preservatives added, more natural products may not last as long.

Our favorite tip is to actually keep your moisturizer in the fridge to extend the life-span, as well as to enjoy an instant tightening effect as the cold helps to depuff the skin and add a refreshing burst of coolness!

Here’s a great guide to show you when it may be time to ditch a product if you aren’t sure.

We hope these tips have helped you to feel a little more confident about purchasing your skincare products. 

We want to save you the hassle of looking for a moisturizer, so we would love you to check out ours here.

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