Squalane: The Super-hero Ingredient

Squalane: The Super-hero Ingredient

Squalane is an ingredient that has made headlines in recent months, and if you look closely, more and more brands are adding it to their products. Including Esela! We add it to our Daily Moisturizers. This magical ingredient is similar to Hyaluronic Acid, which helps your skin to stay moisturized and hydrated. The two ingredients are very similar, but they do differ slightly. So let's just dive right in.

Squalene (yep, you read that right) is naturally made by your body, and is the mother of squalane. Squalene helps maintains the skin's moisture barrier and hydration levels, and also has anti-aging properties for neutralizing environmental damage. Sounds great, right? The downside of of squalene is that it's quite unstable, can clog pores, and oxidizes quickly. Squalane is derived from squalene, and is essentially the more skin friendly version that we use today. 

Squalane can be plant-derived or animal derived from shark liver (yikes). Gratefully, majority of skincare retailers, including Esela, obtain their squalane from plants and do not harvest it from shark liver. Go team go. 

We mentioned Hyaluronic Acid at this beginning of this post. HA can be considered the little sister of Squalane. Both are perfect for helping your skin retain it's moisture. The difference lies in how they go about that process. HA is known for adding moisture and keeping it there, locking in that dewiness we all know and love. Squalane, does the same thing but by pulling moisture from the air. All. Day. Long. It then attaches that moisture to your skin and locks it in. That means that while Hyaluronic Acid does add moisture to your skin, that moisture does dissipate slowly throughout the day. Squalane will work hard all day long as it continues to pull moisture from the air and add it to your skin. 

You may be asking, can I use both ingredients to keep my skin extra hydrated? Of course! The two ingredients play well with each other so you shouldn't encounter any breakouts from using them simultaneously. Although, you should know that using both products won't actually increase your skin's hydration levels. Studies have shown that no difference in the skin's moisture is made when HA and Squalane are used together. But, a little extra skincare never hurt anybody. 

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