Here’s What You Can Do About Stress Related Skin Problems

Here’s What You Can Do About Stress Related Skin Problems

Stress is an inevitable part of life, so it’s important to find daily rituals to help manage stress before it gets out of hand. 

When it does get out of hand, not only does it leave you feeling burnt out, fatigued and even highly emotional, it also takes a major toll on the health of your skin.

In this article we want to share just why stress takes such a toll on our inner and outer worlds, and how by finding healthy ways to control it, you’ll feel as good as you look!

We need to talk about cortisol

This hormone is responsible for all those stressful feelings and skin issues that manifest as a result, so we think it only makes sense that we have a conversation about it.

Cortisol is your body’s stress hormone, secreted by the adrenal glands when you are dealing with any kind of stress, big or small.  

Cortisol actually has many important functions, from reducing inflammation to regulating blood pressure, so small amounts of this hormone are essential for a healthy body.

The issues come in when cortisol gets out of hand and large amounts are released on a regular basis.

Too much cortisol increases internal inflammation, which increases your risk of disease in the long-term and has a serious negative impact on your skin. 

Cortisol can speed up the signs of aging, by breaking down collagen, an essential structural protein needed for plump, taut and youthful skin. 

Other hormones that are released when you are faced with stress are adrenaline and small amount of testosterone, which together can increase oil production, contributing to pesky breakouts, and they may even decrease blood in your blood vessels leading to puffy under eye bags, no thanks!

Breathe your way to clearer skin

If you’ve ever rolled your eyes at the idea of sitting down to do a meditation then what you are about to read may just change your mind!

Regular deep breathing may actually help to reduce stress and internal inflammation, both good news for health from the inside out!

Deep breathing can also help to flush out toxins and improve digestion so there really is no reason not to try it for yourself!

Insight timer is a great way to get started!


Enjoy a pampering skin care ritual

Of course, another way to chill out is to turn your skin care routine into a full out relaxation ritual, you deserve it!

Take your time washing your face and before you apply your follow up products, why not soak in a hot tub full of bubbles to help open up your pores so they will simply drink up your skin care ingredients?

Make sure your products are all natural, and don’t ever feel guilty for taking some time for yourself.

Your mind, health, and skin will thank you!

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