Our Story

Advancing the
Science of
Skin Rejuvenation


 Esela was conceptualized over 30 years ago as its founder, Alese, fell in love with fundamental beauty, true fashion and personal authenticity.

She developed the Esela Philosophy based on the idea of accentuating natural beauty rather than fixating on flaws and using products that cover the unique self. At Esela, beauty is about being authentically you, while optimizing the things that make you your best. 

Alese has made it her life’s mission to evaluate top products, searching for solutions and remarkable ingredients to achieve her philosophical goal. She has found that every region and country around the world has their own remarkable products and ingredients. She also realized that every generation has identified or rediscovered products that truly work. From Retinol with its 20-30 year track record of success and potency to more recent methods of protection against the elements and modern toxins, Alese has incorporated a variety of the most-loved ingredients into her products.

She has traveled the world, identifying the best products and secrets from among the clutter. She searched among the most elite and hidden spas and treatment clinics, starting in New York, then to France, the Polynesian Islands, the Middle East, Brazil, Germany, and then to the U.K. She found that there is a core set of commonly-loved ingredients.  We have created a composite of the absolute best of those elements in a few simple, clean Esela products that are powerfully effective.


Our mission is to enhance the natural beauty of every woman by delivering the best skincare the world has to offer.